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Chinchilla Breeder

As a Chinchilla Breeder, we began raising chinchillas in September of 1966. Starting as fur farmers, we won many trophies and ribbons at the chinchilla shows. We began in Santa Ana, California. We started with 12 chinchillas, comprised of 9 females and 3 males. Once we had built up to about 300, we knew that if we wanted to continue to raise them, we would have to move into the country. The ranch, where we now live, was for sale and we decided to buy it. Since we have been here, the city has moved in around us.

In the beginning we attended many Chinchilla shows and won many trophies and ribbons. We were very active in the chinchilla industry and would have meetings with other ranchers. We would use the authorized grading lights which would show flaws, and of course, the excellent qualities of chinchillas. There were 12 points we would look for and at the time we didn't consider the dispositions of them. Since then we have strived to breed for quality and disposition of the chinchillas.

At first, we started with the standard gray chinchillas. Then the black velvets became available at $4,000 each, and of course we had to have some. Later we added beige, and kept getting more colors as they were available. Now we have all colors of chinchillas. To keep the blood lines as pure as possible, we do not breed different color chinchillas together. This way our customers can mix the colors if they wish. We usually have around 1,000 to 1,200 chinchillas most of the time. We are also the birth place of Nibbles and Rogaine.

Jim worked as a postal worker and I took care of the chinchillas. When he retired, Jim began manufacturing cages and other items for the chinchillas. His exercise wheels are all over the world in countries such as Austria, Israel, Germany, England, Japan, Singapore, and China. We sell everything you need for chinchillas and some things they do not need, but they like them.


We have a large selection of chinchilla cages, chinchilla supplies and chinchilla toys. Contact us for more
information on our chinchilla sale, baby chinchilla sale and our chinchilla breeds.

We proudly serve California areas including San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside, Escondido, Vista, Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas and more.

Our Chinchillas have been featured in newspapers and on television many times. When buying chinchillas from us we give instructions for beginners and feeding instructions.


Jim & Lurlie Adams

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